Hazard Perception Practice

The hazard perception test consists of 14 video clips where each clip is about a minute long. Every clip will shows driving situations involving other road users from a driver’s point of view. Each clip plays a hazard which will cause the driver to change speed, direction or stop. In the 14 clips you will have either one or two hazards to identify. You will not be told which clip has the two hazards as this is part of the test.

You will indicate a hazard (or hazards) have taken place by clicking on either the left or right mouse button. If you identify the correct hazard/hazards early you will score more. The score ranges from zero to five where five is the highest.

You are not allowed to continuously click the mouse as the clips play, as if you do, you will score a zero on the playing clip.

When watching the clips you will see many potential hazards unfolding. Most will stay potential hazards but one or two will become an actual hazard and cause the vehicle to change speed, direction or stop. This is the actual hazard you must click on in order to score points any points, clicking on the potential hazards will not score or lose you any points.

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