Pass Plus

Pass Plus is a voluntary scheme which can be taken within one year of passing your driving test, the benefits of Pass Plus to newly qualified car drivers are: fewer accidents and cheaper motor insurance.

Most drivers become safer by driving more miles but with good professional training this can accelerate the acquisition of skills and knowledge by the new driver. Pass Plus offers new drivers professional instruction and supervision in circumstances where they will have little experience and at the time when they are most vulnerable. The aim of the course is to develop the attitudes and skills that are essential for safe driving.

The Syllabus comprises of 6 modules.

  • 1 – Introduction & Town Driving.
  • 2 – All Weather Driving.
  • 3 – Out of Town Driving & Rural Roads.
  • 4 – Night Driving.
  • 5 – Dual Carriageway Driving.
  • 6 – Motorway Driving.

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