Theory Test Practice

Before you take your practical test you will have to first pass both your theory and hazard perception test. The theory test is made up of a 50 multiple-choice questions with a pass mark of 43. Each question has a list of potential answers. You will need to select the correct answer or answers by touching the appropriate area of the computer screen.

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Theory Questions

Before the test starts, a short tutorial video will be displayed showing you how the test should be undertaken. You will be given the opportunity to complete some practice questions to make sure you are familiar with the computer screens.

You can see from the layout of the computer screens (above image), you move from one question to the next by touching the arrowed buttons at the bottom. To select any particular answer press the button on the screen next to the answer you wish to select. The answer will then be highlighted with a blue background. To deselect an answer simply touch the answer button on the screen again. This will cause the highlighted blue background to disappear.

The red text in the top left hand corner of the screen will tell you how many answers to select. The red text will flash if you have not selected enough answers and try to move onto the next question and if you press the arrow button again it will let you move on, even if you still have not supplied enough answers. This will go down as an incomplete question.

If you wish to flag a question so that you can review it later, you will need to press the flag button at the bottom of the screen. This will cause the flag button to turn red

At any time you can call up the review screen by pressing the review button. This screen allows you to check all the questions and your answers from the start or you can just review those questions flagged or those questions incomplete. If at any point you wish to end the test you will have to press the review button and then the end test button.

The test will automatically end if you run out of time. The time you have left to finish answering the questions is shown at the top right hand side of the question and answer screen.

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